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Got questions about hiring one of our pet friendly camper vans? 

Read on to find answers..

  • How old do you have to be to hire your vehicles?
    For our Motorhomes (Belle and Ruby) the minimum age is 25-75 years For our campers vans (Bobby and Jake) the minimum age is 23-75 years.
  • Is insurance included or do I have have to get my own?
    Our hire fee includes your motor insurance and breakdown cover. There is a £500 insurance excess deposit to pay on collection (by bank transfer) and is refunded within 48 hours of the vehicles return, undamaged. We take care of all the insurance paperwork we just ask you to send pictures of both sides of the drivers licence, and to put your details in to a secure Gov. site where you will be given a code.
  • I only have a standard licence, does this allow me to drive your vehicles?"
    Yes. At Pet Friendly Camper Van Hire, all our vehicles are under 3.5 ton, and can be driven on a standard full licence.
  • I have points on my licence, can I still hire?"
    Contact us if you have points prior to booking, we can accept drivers with 3 points for speeding, if you have more, contact us and we will see if we can help.
  • Do you offer a drop off service?
    No sorry our vehicles are collection only from Scarborough.
  • I haven't booked a campsite, will everything work or do I have to be on electric hook up?"
    All of our vehicles have electric hook up leads available for when you are on site, however , you can still enjoy the facilities in the vehicle without being hooked up to electric. Our motorhomes have gas bottles and solar panels which run, lights, the fridge, heating and hot water. Our camper vans have leisure batteries which run lights, the fridge and USB ports to charge devices. Gas bottles work the hobs. Perfect for those that want to go "Off Grid"
  • What happens if I have an accident?
    We are aware that accidents sometimes do happen, we will help and reassure you if this happens during your trip. Please contact us in the first Instance, if it's some small damage we will encourage you to take pictures and send them to us, and then enjoy the rest of your trip. On return we will get quotes for replacement or repair and send them to you. You also have the right to get quotes yourself. This unfortunately, is deducted from your excess deposit. Larger more serious damage, we will phone the recovery and get you and the vehicle to safety. We have a full breakdown of our insurance policy in our terms and conditions.
  • I've booked with you but need to cancel, do I get a refund?"
    If you cancel your booking within two weeks or more of your departure date we charge your £100 deposit, as this is non refundable. We do however offer a free change of dates and will help you find different availability when it is convenient for you. If you cancel between one and two weeks of departure you are liable for 50% of your booking fee. If you cancel within one week you are liable for the full booking amount. If any covid restrictions are in place we offer full 100% refunds or a free change of dates .
  • Is there a limit on the number of miles I can travel?
    We offer 800 free miles with our vehicles, if you are wanting to travel further you can purchase additional miles @25p a mile or buy a block of 400 miles for an extra £60
  • Where can I find your Camper Van Hire T&C's?
    You can view full terms and conditions here: CLICK HERE
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